About Us

Rehabit, is more than a program, or a collection of methods. Although it’s both those things. It’s not just a philosophy tested in science, and catching fire in cultures across the planet, though that’s true too.

Rehabit is a verb.

It’s a Habit Cleanse.

It’s taking out the mental trash, and getting clear on what habits exist, which ones serve you, how to design the new ones you wish to install, and the method to rebuild your habits, your life-habits. These aren’t your average, I eat too much sugar habits, although those can be addressed as well. LIfe-habits are those Master Habits that define your actions by default. They paint your behaviours in certain consistent ways because they are always running and as they say, how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Rehabit is also part of a collection on initiatives also including:

  • IntoGreat.Life
  • Realiiize.com